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GeoRASAD limited Company have been established for the purpose of providing technical, engineering and consulting services in radar remote sensing projects in order to monitor land deformation, geohazards and environmental damages, as well as to monitor the deformation of infrastructure such as dams, roads and railways, oil and gas pipelines, bridges, structures, drilling underground and urban areas. To this end, we benefit from experienced and motivated experts in remote sensing, engineering geology and geology, and the use of radar interferometry (InSAR) techniques.

Continuous and systematic tracking of ground displacement using satellites data is a technique for mapping and monitoring of ground deformation phenomena, acting as a key information for risk mitigation and to design early warning systems. Using interferometric techniques and a set of radar images acquired at different times from the same acquisition geometry, it is possible to measure ground displacements at milimetric level. In the last decade, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data have been widely used to detect and measure ground deformation phenomena. Either ground-based, airborne or satellite-borne, radar sensors paved the way to a variety of applications ranging from subsidence monitoring to landslide analyses, monitoring of engineering infrastructures (dam, bridges, building, tunnels, road and railways) and geotechnical and Mining industries.

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Benefitting from multidisciplinary experts, using new technologies and a very powerful and versatile software allows us to analyse and interpret ground movement at a high precise level. Our services are applicable to a wide range of complicate conditions including evaluating, analysis, monitoring and forecasting ground subsidence, landslide, geotechnical and mining instabilities, and can also be used as a warning system for infrastructures such as dams, bridges, gas and oil pipeline networks.

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SARPROZ is a very powerful and versatile software that implements a wide range of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Interferometric SAR (InSAR) and Multi-Temporal InSAR processing techniques.SARPROZ is the best tool for SAR/InSAR data investigation and for detailed infrastructure monitoring.

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