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GeoRASAD is a consulting company for real-time monitoring of ground deformation from space and determines the problems affecting infrastructures. We started applying the InSAR technique and satellite data to provide our clients with millimeter-accurate displacement. We are using SARPROZ as powerful software for processing and visualizing satellite data. Our managing team consists of multidisciplinary experts with experience in engineering geology and remote sensing help us to interpret the current situation and future condition of the assets. Benefiting SARPROZ software as a powerful processing engine and multidisciplinary team manager with a full understanding of the ground behavior and satellite data processing helps us to understand prospect displacements and associate problems. We will set up a processing platform and transfer the knowledge and provide new updates by training our clients to enhance their capability in monitoring future displacements and performing remedial action. GeoRASAD is aimed to actively provide nonstop services to the Clients at any time and stage of monitoring. Predicting displacement-induced damages- can threaten infrastructures and assets- needs a good understanding of the ground behavior which will be discussed and interpreted in our multidisciplinary technical team.