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Oil and Gas

Oil is one of the most important source of energy in the modern industry. However, with the continuous exploitation of oil and gas, the risks of land deformation occur frequently. Among these hazards, the land subsidence problem caused by the exploitation of the oil field is the most serious. Extracting large volumes of oil or gas from the depths reduces pore pressure and density of the earth's layers, creating a sitting area on the earth's surface. Land subsidence can damage oil field production equipment and urban infrastructure. Therefore, the necessity and importance of monitoring the deformation of the surface caused by oil and gas exploration and the prediction of possible disasters are one of the most important issues associated with the exploration of these valuable reserves. Along with oil and gas production, the issue of transferring them from extraction site to place of processing and consumption is one of the most important categories in the oil and gas industry. The transmission pipe in its path can be subject to serious hazards under the influence of deformations on the ground. Checking the long routes of pipelines imposes a lot of cost and time on these projects. However, using radar interferometry technique by accurately measuring the amount of land deformation and occurring displacements on the ground surface can facilitate ground operations management such as monitoring ground elevation changes with millimeter accuracy, ability to identify faults and gaps in the range.

Accurate measurement of the amount of deformation / displacement of the ground surface on the producing reservoir to manage ground operations. Providing ground elevation monitoring with millimeter accuracy The ability to identify faults and cracks in the reservoir area. Monitoring of ground surface displacement patterns due to ground operations on the reservoir area as well as injection and production wells. Detecting ground deformation velocities and rates along buried oil and gas pipelines Monitoring the displacement or uplifts resulting from injection and extraction from reservoirs to investigate possible destructive effects. Estimation of changes in volume and pressure of gas reservoir